The area of Sitia is the ideal destination for any indecisive traveler, since it combines all four elements of nature: earth, sea, wind, light. Sitia is situated on the eastern side of Crete, where nature becomes one harmonically with myth and culture. The area of Sitia is distinguished for its beautiful and clean beaches. The most popular ones are Vai (the only natural palm tree forest in Europe), Erimoupoli, Kouremenos, Xerokampos, Hiona, Karoumes and Zakros. Moreover, the area of Sitia is known for its many archaeological sites. The most important ones are the Minoan Palace of Zakros and the Minoan settlements of Itanos, Palaikastron, Petras, Praisos, Hamezi, Mohlos. Very interesting are also the monasteries of Kapsas, Toplou and Faneromeni. There are also two museums in the town, the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum where you can be informed about the history and the traditions of the area.


Coasts and beaches are for those who prefer to experience the summer side of Sitia. The tranquility and the big blue are responsible for the inner and outer peace of the traveler.

Sitia Beach

The hotel is just 200 metres from the cosmopolitan beach of Sitia, which has been awarded 2 blue flags. Here the sea is appropriate for any kind of sea activities and water sports like Jet Skiing, Windsurfing, water skiing, pedal boating.


Situated 35 kilometers from Sitia, it is an ideal beach for those seeking for tranquility and peace. It is rocky and wild but the crystal-clear waters reward the visitor. Daring swimmers can swim to the little island across, to see the ancient sites of the Minoan era.


Situated 47 kilometers from Sitia, it is one of the most secluded areas of Crete with many coves and amazing beaches.


Situated 27 kilometers from Sitia is the magical beach of Erimoupoli. Here you can combine swimming with visiting the archaeological site of Itanos.


It is situated 25 kilometers from Sitia. It is one of the most popular sights of Crete and the largest Natural Palm Tree Forest of Europe. It attracts thousands of visitors not only because of the beautiful Palm Tree Forest but also because of its amazing sandy beach.


It is situated 20 kilometers from Sitia. It is an ideal destination for Windsurfing fans.

Kato Zakros

The beach of Kato Zakros which is situated 19km Southeast of Sitia is formed on the tip of a large bay and has calm and clean waters while being a bit rocky.


Mountains, hills, gorges and caves offer the daring visitors who decide to climb the slopes of Sitia and to explore the beauty of Sitia from high above, a primitive, wild and natural beauty.


Rihtis Gorge is 20 kilometers away from Sitia. The trail is 4 kilometers and it ends up at a magnificent waterfall pond.

Gorge of the Dead-Kato Zakros

The Gorge of the Dead is 35 kilometers away from Sitia. The length of the trail is 4 kilometers. The trail crosses the Minoan Cemetery and the Minoan Palace ending up at the seaside village of ‘’Kato Zakros’’.

Hohlakies Gorge

Hohlakies Gorge is 30 kilometers away from Sitia. The journey beginning from Hohlakies village lasts 1 and a half hours but a swim in the crystal-clear waters of ‘’Karoumes’’ beach will reward you.

Xerokampos Gorge

It can be found on the way from Zakros to Xerokampos. After the area Agrilia where all the roads meet, impressive scenery can be viewed. From this point to the sea the distance is about 1,5 kilometers. There you can visit Katsounaki beach with its beautiful sand dunes.


Exo Latsidi

Oxo Latsidi cave is in the area of Sitanos village and in reality is part of an extensive cave system unfolding for over 6000m in underground mountainous Sitia constituting one of the richest parts of Crete.

Peristera’s Cave

Another important cave of the municipality is Peristera’s. It is situated at the site Platyvolas, about two and a half kilometers away from Karydi village at an altitude of 540m.

Pelekites Gorge

Being one of the most important caves in the area, it is also called <<The cave of the Fig Tree>> as there is a ripe fig tree at its entrance. It is situated Northeast of Kato Zakros village, at an altitude of 100m and it is about 310 metres long.

Archaeological sites

  • Itanos (Doric Town) 25 kilometers
  • Hiona (Minoan Palace) 20 kilometers
  • Voila-Etia (Venetian Tower-Settlement) 20 kilometers
  • Petras (Minoan coastal settlement and Pre-palatial and Old palatial Cemetery) 1 kilometer
  • Kazarma (Venetian Fortress)
  • Praisos (Ancient Cretan Town) 20 kilometers