Cultural Events

Sitia is always participating in the forms of modern artistic expression and everyday entertainment. In the town of Sitia, in the touristic regions of Makrigialos, Palaikastro and Mohlos but also in the villages of the four municipalities in Sitia there are important exhibitions, theatrical plays, concerts and dance festivals where forms of art both from traditional and modern artists and groups can be enjoyed.

Night life

As soon as the night comes, the bustling town wears its bright jewels. The beach dances on the back of the soft waves lifted by the stems of fishing boats as they start their night fishing trips. Picturesque tavernas, bars, cafes all along the seaside to the town offer enchanting moments to the visitor, giving them wonderful treats of Sitia’s cuisine and entertainment in its bars and clubs. The town of Sitia has a lot of options to eat and drink. At the tavernas and the traditional ‘’rakadika (traditional restaurants offering the local drink raki) the visitor has the chance to taste the delicacies of Cretan cuisine sampling the fine wines and the unique raki of the area. The night is over after a visit to the bars and clubs of the town.

Sea Sports

Crete with its 1000 km of coastline has a vast variety of scenery and a coastline of many different forms. The area of Sitia is particularly gifted since it is surrounded from 3 seas, each on one of 3 different sides. The Cretan Sea in the North, Carpathos Sea in the East and the Libyan Sea in the South. Apart from swimming and snorkeling there is a chance for doing water sports like windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving. Also climbing and mountain biking are recommended for daring visitors.